Closed: Burglary at Henry's Store

Type: Multiple Burglaries
Date of Crime: 08/08/11, 09/24/11, 10/14/11, 10/21/11, 9:00 P.M. -1:30 A.M.
Place of Crime: Henry’s Store, 22445 Path Valley Rd, Doylesburg
Investigating Agency: Pennsylvania State Police

Details of the Crime

The Pennsylvania State Police are investigating multiple store burglaries that
occurred at the above location. Two actors forced entry into the store. Once
inside they stole cigarettes, money, DVD’s and snack food from the store. A white
four door sedan without hubcaps was seen fleeing the scene from the third and
fourth burglaries.

These multiple burglaries have placed the store owners in great fear for their
safety. The victims are offering an additional $1,000 dollar reward for
information resulting in the capture and prosecution of the actors.

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Crime solvers is seeking your help! If you have any information, call (717) 263-3000. Information leading to the arrest of the persons involved may result in a reward of up to $2,000.00 call 24 hrs. Remember you need not leave your name.

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